Winnipeg Winniwedding Time Lapse

And here it is! 5,911 frames documenting delays, travel, reunions, and a wedding!

This was a really fantastic trip and it was great to see everyone back together again. It’s been a long time since we’ve all been in once place together and it can’t happen again soon enough.

Shave and a Haircut

Wedding season is upon us once again. To get ready, Will (the groom) and I went and got ourselves some fancy shaves. Naturally, my GoPro was running. Enjoy!

Shave and a Haircut


Everything is better in gif format!


Be sure to check out the rest of the highlights from the trip in this gallery!


I seriously can’t get enough of this album

Annual Look Back, 2015 Edition

It’s new years again, and you know what that means? Annual blog update!

2015 was a whirlwind, I’m sure I did more things than I can remember. It’s often the case. That’s kind of the flaw of only writing once a year. But I think it’s also a testament to just how busy I’ve been this year, even if I wanted to write I don’t think I would have had much time to. 2015 was full of things, experiences, assignments, people,  and adventure. It certainly feels like I’ve had less time in a given day, but it also feels that during this past year I’ve gotten more done in any given day than I have ever before. If 2015 could be summed up by a single word, it would be “productive”.

Let’s break it down. 

The Bridge Is Out!

While playing GTA V this evening I discovered that Windows 10 can automatically keep the last 30 seconds of gameplay while playing any game. You know what that means? Shenanigans.

2015 Approaches; resolutions, reflections, revelations

2015 is quickly approaching, so it’s time for my semi-annual list of resolutions and/or stuff I’m going to work on improving in the next year. Let’s go.

  • Take a walk each day or at least seriously consider it
  • Don’t spend too much time wearing pants
  • Maybe gain a couple kilo’s
  • Take every opportunity as a reason to give up
  • Don’t let anything get in the way of eating an entire carton of ice cream in one sitting
  • Stop being afraid of what could go wrong and just focus on butts
  • See the world through the magic of the Internet
  • Spend more time doing what really matters – Watching Netflix
  • Forget past mistakes and press on to make newer, greater mistakes
  • Stop making resolutions, just get out there and start eating cheese

Thanks For Calling Tech Support

This call may be recorded for comedic purposes
Stevenger: Thank you for contacting [REDACTED], my name is Stevenger, how can I help you today?
ManBehindSentry: yeah hi… um… my toaster won’t turn on…
Stevenger: Alright sir, thanks for contacting me. I understand that you’re having an issue with your toaster, is that correct?
ManBehindSentry: yes.
ManBehindSentry: fix it.
Stevenger: Alright no problem, we can get this sorted out for you but first I just need to ask a few questions to gather a little information.
Stevenger: Can I start by getting your first and last name, as well as your phone number in case this call is disconnected?
ManBehindSentry: *pieces
ManBehindSentry: ManBehindSentry
ManBehindSentry: [REDACTED]
ManBehindSentry: [REDACTED]
ManBehindSentry: now… can you fix the limp bread situation?
Stevenger: Thanks Tristan, I can certainly understand how your situation may be frustrating
ManBehindSentry: damn straight…
Stevenger: Alright, can I get the model of your toaster?
ManBehindSentry: sure…
ManBehindSentry: [REDACTED]
ManBehindSentry: would a picture help?
Stevenger: That’s alright sir, I can pull up all the information on your toaster from our database, just give me one moment while that loads for me
Stevenger: I’m sorry to hear that, sir. I can assure you that these toasters are designed to function for an extended period of time.
Stevenger: Alright, I’ve got the information in front of me
Stevenger: Now, you mentioned that it isn’t working? Could you give me a few more details about your issue?
ManBehindSentry: sure.
ManBehindSentry: want just the play by play?
Stevenger: That would be fine, sir
ManBehindSentry: so i wake up next to my bitch wife.
ManBehindSentry: put on some pants.
ManBehindSentry: realize they are to damn small
ManBehindSentry: so i take off the pants
ManBehindSentry: mozy on over to YOUR DAMN TOASTER
ManBehindSentry: and stick in 2 limp ass pieces of bread.
ManBehindSentry: when low and behold.
ManBehindSentry: it exploded the previous night from when i stuck a fork into it trying to get out my fucking quarter.
ManBehindSentry: now am i going to be compensated or not?
Stevenger: I’m sorry to hear about your issue, sir
ManBehindSentry: i would also like to issue a complaint… i was storeing my ammuntion in there… so the damn kids won’t get at it… kids can’t play with loaded guns… that’s just stupid i let em play with my unloaded guns.
Stevenger: Unfortunately [REDACTED] cannot be held liable for instances of misuse or accidental damage, so I am unable to offer you any further support with this particular toaster. However, I am authorized to offer you a coupon for up to 15% off your next purchase of a [REDACTED] toaster at participating retailers around the nation. Would you be interested in this offer?
ManBehindSentry: and now i have no ammo.
ManBehindSentry: can i speak to your manager?
ManBehindSentry: i ain’t accepting no coupon… until i speak to your manager first.
Stevenger: Just one moment sir, I’ll see if someone is available. Would you mind if I placed you on hold for 2-3 minutes while I looked into that for you?
ManBehindSentry: sure…
ManBehindSentry: enjoy your job while you still have it.
Stevenger: Thank you, sir, your words of encouragement are the reason I look forward to speaking with fine individuals such as yourself
Stevenger: *click*
ManBehindSentry: …
ManBehindSentry: this has been more then 2-3 minutes…
ManBehindSentry: does no one run [REDACTED]?
Stevenger: I’m sorry, your call has been discunnected. If you’d like to place a call, please hangup and try again.
ManBehindSentry: …
ManBehindSentry: BETTY GET ME MY GUN

Self Portrait – 2014

It’s a wet Saturday afternoon and I’ve been procrastinating. But at least I’ve got something to show for it.

Self – 2014-07-19 by SteveZed on deviantART

Hockey Night

Now that I’ve moved to Toronto, my cousin and I can get together and watch hockey together! And it just so happens that his favourite team, the Canadiens, are in the playoffs this season! We got together to watch game 7 of the 2nd round against the Bruins and I set up my GoPro to capture a time lapse of us watching the game. Because I’m all about time lapse lately. Enjoy!


Of all the Vlogbrothers videos of 2013, this has been the one that has resonated with me the most.

It’s the “Harvey” moment. Where it’s too soon to tell if it’s an epiphany, or a pivotal moment, but you can tell that you’ve definitely not felt worse, and things get better and better from that point on. That resonating experience that truly marks the first day of the rest of your life.

My 2 million seconds have already passed. It was when I landed back in Toronto coming home from Europe. Setting foot back down in Canada, having gained the confidence required to survive travelling abroad alone. Knowing that not only am I capable of achieving, but being filled with the ambition to actively seek that achievement. That’s my Harvey moment. That was the first day if the rest of my life.

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