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Everyone loves BBQ. Even those wacky vegetarians. So lets have some on Sunday! (BBQ that is, not vegetarians. That could get weird.) So grab your meat (Meat for cooking, you hobo, not THAT meat) and some drink of your choice (Enough to share!) and come on down! Also be sure that if your meat of choice needs bun buddies, bring them too. Just send me an e-mail so I’ll know you’re coming. And remember, no shirt, no shoes, yes service! (Just don’t expect good service). Hurrah!

On another note, I fixed my computer (Again, somehow I killed Window’s ability to locate wireless networks), but it looks like I’ll want to reinstall Windows again, since I seem to only be able to get online using 3rd party software. Anyone with a 64-bit Windows XP disc, I need it! (This meens you Terry!)

Mario: Game Over

Oh Mario…

Spider-Man, free comic books, and more

F:\> Friday, May 4th. SPIDER-MAN DAY!!! Hurrah and woot woot! Ah, the premier of Spider-Man 3. Not only did we pick up our tickets a week early, but we also made extra sure to get there over an hour early. And it’s a good thing we did, too. The lineup for screen 1 was all the way to the women’s washroom when we got there (“Excuse me, is this the end of the lineup for Spider-Man?” “I think so, I just hope it’s not the beginning of the line for the bathroom”) And who else was waiting in line for the movie? Non other than Spider-Man himself! I mean really, if you’re going to dress up as Spider-Man for the premier, I think you deserve at least a cookie, if not a slice of cantaloupe.

And how was the movie, you ask? Freaking fantastic! Anyone doubting it’s awesomeness needs to be stepped on my a slightly overweight middle aged geek. Or poked with a 9 1/2 foot pole, whichever you decide. I don’t think there was a moment of the film I didn’t enjoy, and I know for sure that part I loved the most was the scene with everyone’s favourite A-list B-movie star, Mr. Bruce Campbell. I can only hope that Tobie stays on for a fourth instalment, and the same goes for Sam Raimi, the way he makes films just seems to fit so well with Spider-Man.

The other best thing about Spider-Man 3? Awesome popcorn buckets at Galaxy. But I don’t buy popcorn. No problem! “I wounder if anyone left their bucket behind.” “Probably not” “Hey look a glow stick!” “Uh, Steve?” “Hey a bucket!” Woot for a bucket, and it’s full of popcorn too! So, to the garbage to dump it out. And what do we find next to the garbage? Another bucket of course! Woot x 2! Walking toward the front door, and what do we find?! Another bucket! Are we awesome or what! But that’s not all we found! As we walk toward the Jeep, guess what we find! Not another bucket! Instead, we find a nice parking ticket sitting on my windshield.

Apparently when you put $1 into the ticket machine to park at the theatre, you can only stay for an hour. What the deuce, eh? So I get a ticket because my little card expired. The two lots that are both accross the street from Galaxy are run by the same company, and they don’t have the 1 hour for $1 sign, it’s $1 for like 5 hours (something like that). Ok, so I didn’t read all of the sign. But guess how much the ticket is going to cost. $67. $31 if I pay it within a week. They claim it’s to cover lost revenue for the time I was parked there. I was there for about 3 1/2 hours. I’d like to see them collect $67 for 1 parking space over three hours. But anyway…

S:\> Saturday, May 5th. FREE COMIC BOOK DAY!! Quite possibly the third most wonderful time of the year. Not only are there free comic books, but there’s also some really cool people to meet. Like the guys behind White Ninja Comics. Not only are they incredibly funny when writing ridiculous comics strips, they’re also rather (quite) amusing in person as well. And talk about nice? C’mon! It’s almost inhuman (Canadian, even)! In addition to those two cool cats, there were also a couple full time, big time comic book artist there as well, drawing your favourite comic book character for a mere $20 (all proceeds were donated to charity of course, those cheap bastards don’t need the monies), as long as your favourite character isn’t Spawn, The Maxx, or The Tick (REFERENCE!!). I also picked up Marvel Civil War, and Civil War: Wolverine, because Civil War was awesome and I wanted to own it, and I want to get all the related trade paperbacks for it, and Wolverine seemed the perfect place to start. I also got the first issue of what is quite possibly the best comic book of all time, Pirates Vs Ninjas. C’mon! You can’t beat that!

S:\> Sunday, May 6th. Jeff’s in town, so what do you think we go do? See Spider-Man of course! Still just as great, but I’m the only one who cheered for Bruce. We also found an out of order sign on one of the chairs, so we put it in between the two of us. Then we move the sign to the seat next to Jeff. The two of us ended up taking up 5 spots. Ah, what room. And after the movie end and we let every one leave, guess what we find? Two more buckets! Really, we kick major but.

M:\> Happy Monday! Jeff’s birthday. Cove+BBQ+another movie. This time it’s The Condemned. It’s actually something I was looking forward to seeing, starring everyone’s favourite pro wrastler. Steve Williams (Steve Austin, as most people recognize him). And I’d say I really enjoyed it. Good fights, good explosions, and good ‘ol Steve kickin’ some butt. Thumbs up from me.

Edit: Oh yeah. One more thing. According to this, I’m in collage. I thought I was just acting natural! I’m a shoe in!

Edit edit: Holy crap that was long! I’ll break up posts from now on, I swear! (Maybe)

Well, looks like HD DVD was cracked.

And that really didn’t take very long, did it? There’s a new magic number in town, and it’s not 3 this time. 09 F9 11 02 9D 74 E3 5B D8 41 56 C5 63 56 88 C0.

P.S.: As of right now, there’s about 6 or 7 full pages of that are entirely Diggs of the number, hopefully things get back to normal soon so I can have my regular flow of constant useless news and information back.

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