Month: February 2008

How do you eat a kiwi?

How do you eat your kiwi fruit? Cooking aside, just for snacking. What do you do with them? Do you peal your kiwi? Do you slice it up? Do you cut the top off and scoop out the green deliciousness? What do you do?

Want to know what I do? Well I’ll tell you anyway! I used to just eat them like apples. My uncle Solomon taught me that, he’s pretty great that way. No pealing or anything. Just pick up the kiwi and start eating it! I couldn’t really eat alot of them at a time though, they tend you make your tongue a little fuzzy. That’s what I used to do, anyway.
What do I do now though? Well, last night I had a little time on my hands, and I got curious. Last night I shaved a kiwi. I started just using a guitar pick, because one was handy, but then I grabbed my pocket knife and gave it a good shaving. Not pealing, mind you, I find that pealing a kiwi takes off too much of the meat. Just shaving the hair off of the kiwi. And I was left with something quite nice. It was satisfying, as well. It took longer than usual to be able to actually bite into the kiwi, but it seemed to taste better. The skin itself has almost a slight leathery texture to it, nothing unpleasant, but very different. A nice crunching as you bite into it. And inside is that wonderful kiwi goodness we’re all used to.

I don’t generally slice my kiwi up. Kiwis are very juicy, and I like to keep all the juice inside for me to enjoy. I think that’s another benefit to leaving the skin on, it helps to retain all that tasty juice. I also like to hold my fruit as I eat it, it makes me feel like a kid again, sitting in a rocking chain in the basement watching cartoons. And this way, I can eat around the core, and have it all at once. The core might be the best part, it’s almost concentrated kiwi goodness.

But what about you? What do you do with your kiwi? Do you peal it? Slice it? Wedge it? Let me know! And until next time (hopefully soon), may the Force be with you!

I’m going to post soon!

I swear I am! Once midterms are over (End of next week), I’m going to try and throw a huge assed update. Hopefully I can remember everything that’s been happening since Christmast. May the Force be with you!

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