I had a dream last night and I keep remembering parts of it as I see things today. Here’s what I’ve got so far:

I think we were camping, in a big trailer, I’m not sure where. Nick, Braden, Will, Tony, Corey, Cheap, pretty much all of 613 and their girls. And Ryan too. The trailer was really long and kinda wide, almost like one from a trailer park, but in the woods. Maybe we were at the lake. I think that makes sense. Before I was in the trailer I was outside, on my cell phone, I had a new iPhone 4. I was talking to Tabi and she kept commenting on how clear I sounded, and I did the same. I’m not sure what we talked about. After I hung up I went inside the trailer, and everyone was sitting down about to eat lunch. I remember Kraft Dinner and hash browns. I sat down on the floor for some reason, and then I heard Stacey’s voice. I stood up, and saw the Aussies. I yelled something and they looked my way, then Sarah ran towards me and I gave her a gigantic hug. We all talked, though I’m again not sure what about, and then we all went outside without eating anything. There was music, I don’t know what kind, just that there was music, then there was a white light and that’s it.

I could feel overwhelming happiness the entire time. There was absolutely no negative energy the entire time, I felt great. Everyone was excited and happy, and it was just amplifying how I felt. It was amazing.

That’s all I’ve got for now, if I remember anything else I’ll try and update it.