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Annual Look Back, 2015 Edition

It’s new years again, and you know what that means? Annual blog update!

2015 was a whirlwind, I’m sure I did more things than I can remember. It’s often the case. That’s kind of the flaw of only writing once a year. But I think it’s also a testament to just how busy I’ve been this year, even if I wanted to write I don’t think I would have had much time to. 2015 was full of things, experiences, assignments, people,  and adventure. It certainly feels like I’ve had less time in a given day, but it also feels that during this past year I’ve gotten more done in any given day than I have ever before. If 2015 could be summed up by a single word, it would be “productive”.

Let’s break it down. 

Project Steve: 365

I’ve just got out of the shower and was struck by a brilliant idea. Don’t the best ideas come from the shower? I think so.

Project Steve: 365

My dear friend Katie has been telling me to start vlogging for… Ever, really. And I’ve continually been apprehensive about it, because I really don’t know what I’d talk about and I don’t consider myself a very interesting person. I also shy away of making a vlog that is a video journal, partly because I’m bad enough as it is at keeping a standard journal, and also because I don’t know if I would really want to share those videos that would come of it.

But this morning (and by morning, I mean I was out of bed at the crack of noon) while in the shower I got a brilliant idea: combine vlogging with my already ongoing Project 365 that I share with my friends on Facebook.

Project 365, for anyone unaware, is where I take one photo every day at around 5:30PM, wherever I am, write a short caption, and post it to Facebook so that all of my adoring friends can see where I was or what I was up to that day with a quick photo. Sometimes they’re really interesting and have great stories behind them, and other times they’re pictures of my mom’s dog, or my computer desk, or just a picture of myself being a rather boring.

But here’s where the brilliant part comes in; what if every day, I made a short vlog video about the photo that I took? That I think could be rather interesting, not only to myself but to others as well. It gets me vlogging a little bit, it’s a new thing to do (which I’ve been searching for, these days. I like projects), and it gets me doing something new, which is also a little fantastic.

So here’s what I plan on doing:
Every day, I’ll take my photo, just like I always do. Then, later that night, I’ll record a short video about the photo. I need to sit down and figure out how to actually edit video, so the first entry will either be tonight or, more likely, tomorrow. I think there’s going to be a good photo tonight. Assuming I actually keep up with this, I think it will be fantastic. It took me a while to get Project 365 in full swing, but it’s been going great all this year, so I’m up to the challenge.

New skills, AHOY!

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