This is my hypothetical adventure map. Tomorrow I fly from Saskatoon to Toronto and get on a bus to Kingston for a few days before the true adventure begins.

I’ll be landing in London first thing in the morning on the 29th and from there I’ll meet up with Jenny and Annora’s friend Mathilde who will get me settled and take me out a bit. After a few days in London I’ll head to Liverpool (because that seems like a pretty fun idea) before hopping over to Dublin. A day or two in Dublin and I’ll head toward Cork to meet up with Fidelma’s sister Vanessa, and then over to Kerry to meet her other sister Jacinta.

From there I’ll jog up to Belfast and take a look around, before going to Glasgow. Then it’s up to to Oban to visit the famous distillery of one of my favourite whiskeys. And then over to Dufftown for one of my other favourite scotches, Glenfiddich. Then it’s on to Edinburgh!

From there I’ll head to Newcastle, where I’ll take an overnight Ferry Cruise to Amsterdam. A few days in Amsterdam is going to be a LOT of fun. And then it’s on to Copenhagen to visit my lovely cousin Mandy and her husband Rasmus and their little one. After a few days there I’ll finally head towards Germany, first stop: Berlin. After Berlin it’s on to Starnberg to meet my cousin Ariane whom I’ve heard so much about, and her two boys, too.

Then a quick stop in Cologne on my way back to London where I’ll wander around for another day or so before flying back to Toronto and then eventually home again.


So that’s my rough game plan. It’s ever evolving and may end up going nothing like that, but those are the places I’d like to stop on this adventure of mine. Of course, postcards will be sent, letters written, and souvenirs acquired. I’ll do my best not to look like a lost tourist most of the time, and of course keep out of trouble. But not out of too much trouble, what’s the point of being young and stupid if I’m not going to act young and stupid at least once.

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