Alright. I don’t blog NEARLY enough, as evident by my last post being from January, and I can’t remember all the cool things I do because, well, I suck at remembering things. So what I’m going to try and start doing is this;

Every night, after I get into bed and open my laptop to read the last of the Internet news for the night, I’m going to write what I did that day. No matter how boring or mundane. I’ll do it. Alright. Here I go!

Actually today wasn’t all that bad. Considering I was hanging out with Mr. Jack Daniels last night. Yesterday was Nick’s birthday, so we had to celebrate, even if he’s in Vancouver. Jack and Cheerios for breakfast, Nick on the phone at 613. Awesome. Anyways, long story short, 613 party all evening, woke up again at 6 this morning for work. Suuuuuper fun. So drained, brain fried. The bus ride was terrible, bumpy and sway….y… I didn’t think I’d make it for a while. But I’m a trooper. Well not really but I’m trying. Luckily there wasn’t anything super tough at work today, so it balanced out. I made it to lunch somehow, but it was raining. And I only had a T-shirt. So I decided to stop in at The North 40 and get a new bunnyhug, cause I kinda need one and I’ve wanted to get one of those ones with the definition of bunnyhug on them for a long while now.

So I got one, and then we got pizza because that was the special in Ag today. Man. Good pizza. I felt better almost right away. Still not awesome but definitely doing better. Got back to the office and the bunnyhug I got was waay too big. I don’t know why I thought XL was a good idea. Or why I didn’t try it on. So I’ll exchange it tomorrow because I didn’t have time at lunch and they close the same time FMD shuts down. Oh well. The afternoon was pretty mundane as far as I can remember right now so I’ll skip ahead.

I was going to go to the German Club with Mom and Oma this evening, it’s the reopening of the Lounge. Buuuuut I was in no shape for a lounge. Sad face. But now it’s open so hey, future dates!

Got a haircut! I know, right? Jacie and I were finally able to line up right and she made me all handsome. I said short and gave her full control to make me awesome as she saw fit. Ironically she gave me a Caesar, because they’re always sexy, and is also the same cut I used to get all the time before I started growing it out. Guess I was just ahead of the curve. Get it. A head. NVM.

I got home and was talking to Braden but he hadn’t looked at me, then he turned and said “AH! It’s high school Steve!”. That was funny. Will thinks it looks good, so we’ll see what the ladies think soon enough. Maybe I’ll finally get good at them. Here’s to hoping. No alcohol though, I’m on vacation from it for a while.

Then just some Starcraft with Will and Cheap, and now here I am. Tabi got a new iPhone, which is awesome, but now I’m all tech jealous and feel inadequate by comparison. I looked up how to set up her MRU e-mail on it and the new settings for Live mail accounts, so as soon as she calls me again we can get that set up. And she FINALLY got around to putting me on her my-5, so now we can call eachother whenever and it won’t cost her anything. Not that I set that up like 3 years ago or anything… Holy shit, I’ve known Tabi for more than 4 years now. That’s mind blowing. I guess it makes sense, though, I started University over 4 years ago. YAY! I don’t want to grow up….

It always blows my mind when I think how long I’ve known my friends. Nick and Braden and Corey and Tony, countess others I’ve known you guys for 10 years. That’s absolutely ridiculous. I guess it happens, I’ve just never really had it happen before. Sorry Will, you get the young end of the stick, but pending final approval of your application and you’ll be on the right road soon enough. Still thinking wow about that.

I’ve held onto some really great friends. With everyone else that I’ve weeded out, lost track of, or just pushed away, I think I’ve made out better than I ever expected I would. With so many awesome people around, more than I could even try and name right now so I won’t (though you’ll all know who you are anyway), it’s hard to think I still feel so lonely sometimes. But I think that’s just a void that friends can’t fill. It’s on the list though. Thanks, everyone, you’re all awesome. Let’s hang out.

And then our hero ended he recant, posted his post, and fell asleep so he can get up early enough to make coffee and maybe eat some cheerios. Tomorrow is another day, and another story.