Month: November 2007

How to Charge an iPod using electrolytes and an onion

This is just neat. I know it’s not the most ground breaking thing. I mean, how many kids make power with lemons in grade school? Still cool though. Onion power!!

At it again

Anothe comic adventure I put together.

I’m not dead!

I swear it! Umm… Hello there. Care for some tea? So yeah, not dead. Just… Occupied. Shall we try and play catch up? Here goes.

Well, I made a new video a bit ago, you can check it out on my videos page if you like. Umm, what else…

We went to Ozzy, that was pretty awesome. The opening act was ok. They sounded good instrumentally, but I couldn’t stand the singer. Rob Zombie was pretty good. Doesn’t help I really only know two Rob Zombie songs though. Ozzy was great. The band was good (20 minute guitar solo!) And Ozzy was looking better than ever. And he seemed very happy to be here too, even though he couldn’t even try to pronounce Saskatoon (It’s ok, we’ll worship him anyway). Overall this has been a pretty great year for concerts. I’ve seen BNL, Weird Al, Ozzy… Ok so that’s all I’ve seen, but they were all awesome and some of my favourite artists. So it’s win win. What’s next…

I need to not keep putting these updates off, I can never remember what’s going on.

School is going pretty good, though I’ve missed a couple assignments that I need to get crackin’ on. I’m really enjoying all my classes. I’ve written a couple midterms, History and Archaeology, and both went really well. Now I just need to get these papers written and I’m set.

We got a new manager at work. She’s alright, but I like Athula better. We’re pretty sure they forced him out, but he works at the Midtown Source now, so worse comes to worse I’m sure I could work there if I wanted to, he’d probably hire me.

Seen a few movies lately. Can’t remember most of them. We went to see Saw IV, though. I thought it was dumb. But I’ve never really seen the others and I’m told that helps. We also sat Dan in Real Life. That I really liked. Go see it. And take someone with you, someone you like. That’s my advice as to that.

In other news I’ve found a new webcomic I really like. It’s called XKCD. And it has to be the most intelligent webcomic I’ve ever read. If you like web comics, or to read things that are fairly intelligent, or just because, then go check it out. I said so and that should be good enough. Other than that I can’t really think of anything else to say. I really should do this less not often. Maybe then I’ll remember what’s going on. Though I’m sure I’ll post updates as I remember what’s gone one. Anyhow. Cheers!

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