Well, I’ve always wanted to say this but I never actually thought I would. I’m about to board a ferry to Ireland. Well, in two hours anyway.

But that’s getting a bit far ahead, isn’t it!
I landed in London on the 29th after an amazing stay in Kingston with Tony. My hosts in London, Anorra and JB, were unfortunately not able to actually be in London while I was there due to visa complications. But their lovely friend Mathilde is taking care if their flat and was a lovely host and guide.

After landing in London, and experiencing the trains and tube for the first time, Mathilde met me at Victoria station. Obviously being from Saskatoon I’m not exactly used to busy subway systems, but what little time I’ve spent in Toronto and Montreal, and to a lesser extent Vancouver, gave me at least a tiny bit of preparation. By the end of my stay though I think I had it pretty figured out.

Mathilde guided me ‘home’ and proceeded to take me out around London to help tire me out and combat the impending jet lag. We say Westminster Abby, the London eye, Buckingham Palace, and I’m sure a few other landmarks I can’t recall but the are pictures of, jut to get the “touristy” things out of the way early.

To be honest London went by much much faster than I actually expected, though everyone and my mother warned me that it would happen. I spent the next few days essentially wondering around London, getting lost, getting found, and generally seeing all that I cared to see. It’s hard to meet people in a place like London when you’re only there for a few days, Mathilde managed to introduce me to a few people before I left.

The sheer size of the city was something I could not be prepared for. Toronto and Vancouver are big, but they feel like Saskatoon compared to London. I’m very pleased with myself, though. Navigating London on my own and never getting so lost I was actually in danger of not being found. It’s a great boost of confidence, to know that I can go to such an intimidating place and be alright.

We’re starting to board the ferry so I’d best wrap up. This morning I took the train from London to Holyhead and will fery the rest of he way. I’ll be spending two nights in Dublin before I make my way to Cork.

I’ve got many stories already of London and will do my best to recall and share a few of them soon. I’ve quite a few pictures already as well and will be compiling a public album which I will try to update as Internet allows.

Until my next update, later days.