Well this has been a long time coming, hasn’t it? (I’ve just now been asked if I’m updating my blog. That’s how unusual this has become). I suppose a lot of things have happened since I updated last. Obviously I haven’t updated as often as I intended to do. I still want to try and get into that swing of things. It’s hard to say what’s happened between then and now, I’m sure there has been quite a lot. Too much to try and recap. I’ll try and stick with some current events then.

Lately I’ve been hanging about in the basement, watching various DVD’s with Karli and Riley. Lots of different things, TV shows; jPod, a little bit of King of the Hill (though that was at work, not in the basement), and a lot of movies; Phantom of the Paradise, Anchorman, Amadeus. Honestly that hardly scratches the surface. Karli and I went to High Tech and did one of the 7 movies for 7 days for $7 deals and we watched all but one. We’re trying to watch as much a variety as we can, things that at least one of us haven’t seen, as well as things that we all have and all like very much. There are so many different films that need to be seen. They’re like books in a way. There have just been so many produced throughout the history of the medium, but at least films only take a around 2 hours to watch, where a book would take me almost a month sometimes. Speaking of film and books, Watchmen has been released in theatres. I have to say it’s probably one of the best graphic novel to film translations I’ve ever been able to see. Actually that isn’t really saying much. There aren’t a very big handful of those types of films around. Lets just say that it’s fairly amazing. I did my best to read the novel before the film came out, and did pretty good considering I only actually started reading it two days before the film came out. Still have about a quarter left of it to read I’m afraid, hopefully I’ll finish soon. I’d like to make a post soley about Watchmen and how I feel about it once I’ve finished so I can comment having read as well as seen. But back on topic. We’re just now in the basement watching the last episode of The Beatles Anthology, going through the history of The Beatles from their perspective. It’s very interesting. Lots I didn’t know, and since Karli is a huge Beatles fan I’ll finally be able to know what she’s talking about most of the time.
I’ve also been putting my time into school, though not enough time I’m sure. I dropped below full time status this term, which really hurt me a lot, my school year is considered unsuccessful by the student loan department in the government. But I’ve finally declared a major, which I think will really help get and keep me on track for next year and beyond. And what is it that I’ve chosen as my major of study? Archaeology! I’ll be a regular Indiana Jones! Minoring in philosophy. I think it’ll be a good time, archaeology was one of the classes I think I enjoyed the most during first year, and philosophy has always been one of the things I’ve felt is both interesting and important. If the archaeology part doesn’t go so well I think I could fall back into political studies, I did well in that course this year and also found it pretty interesting.

I’ve also been trying to get into and discover new types of music lately. Shae has been helping me out with that a lot, she seems to be one of the most fantastic repositories for music that I’ve ever come across. There’s been quite a number of bands that I’ve picked up on from her suggestions, the only one I can bring to mind right now though it Blitzen Trapper. They’ve got a nice and unique sound, I’d almost want to say that it’s post-modern 70’s classic rock. I’m not music expert though, and I’m sure what I’ve just said doesn’t really work as a good description. The Eagles are in town right now, and we saw them. That was one of the best shows I’ve been to since the Barenaked Ladies came to Saskatoon. Neil Young is also coming in April, which I’m also looking forward to. I’ll never claim to be a huge Eagles or Neil young fan, but their music has been around as long as I can remember, and I recognize a lot of it, maybe not as their, but I recognize it. I think that to be able to see it performed before me by it’s originators is something that I’ve come to really enjoy. And it goes along with what I think is my only new years’ resolution: Do More Stuff.
I think that’s about the only thing that I really want to accomplish with this year, looking forward. I want to do more stuff. See more things, experience more of the world. For as long as I can remember, whenever something has come up, no matter what it’s been, I’ve always hesitated about it and in most cases I’ve found an excuse not to do it. That’s something that I really want to work to move away from. Karli asked if I wanted to go to the Eagles, I said yes without putting much thought to it. I’m glad I did, I got to listen to the band that recorded a lot of the songs I grew up liking, and also had a really good time. It wasn’t worth the price of admission for me, but sometimes that happens. Besides, I didn’t go to Bob Dylan, and I still haven’t heard the end of it. Karli and I also went to Regina a couple of weekends back for a literary conference hosted at the U of R. Last year I would have thought of a reason not to go, but this year I want. I’m really glad I did. I had a great time, met a lot of new and interesting people, saw another campus, did some scienceing, and over all just had a good time. I always say how much I want to go on adventures, but I never do. And that’s what I want to change. The hard part is going to be balancing my thirst for adventure with the real world, work and school. But with luck, that won’t be too tough.
I should stop for now, I’m quickly running out of things to say. I’m going to say again, though, that I want to update once a week. I meant it last time and still mean it now. Hopefully I can stick to it, and keep what’s going on in my life in perspective. I also hope that it will help me not forget things that happen to me, as is what so often happens. The details, anyway. But that’s all for now. Hopefully there will be more soon. Tah tah.