Steve is a technology enthusiast and IT support professional currently living in Toronto, ON. This blog typically serves to capture his random thoughts should he feel them worth sharing, documenting his annual reviews of the year past, and is otherwise a platform for things too large for Twitter, not interesting enough for Facebook, and not smart enough for real life.

Originally from Saskatoon, SK, Steve moved to Toronto in the spring of May, 2014 to restart his education and legitimize his IT skills to get back into the industry he found himself sorely missing after leaving university several years earlier.

Red Wizard of the 12th Realm of Ephysiyies, Master of Light and Shadow, Manipulator of Magical Delights, Devourer of Chaos, Champion of the Great Halls of Terr’akkas. The elves know him as Fi’ang Yalok. The dwarves know him as Zoenen Hoogstandjes. And he is also known in the Northeast as Gaismunēnas Meistar.

He also has a wonderful habit of not crediting the sources of his comedic genius, supporting his 2016 New Years Resolution of helping the environment by using up to 80% recycled material.

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