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Winnipeg Winniwedding Time Lapse

And here it is! 5,911 frames documenting delays, travel, reunions, and a wedding!

This was a really fantastic trip and it was great to see everyone back together again. It’s been a long time since we’ve all been in once place together and it can’t happen again soon enough.

Shave and a Haircut

Wedding season is upon us once again. To get ready, Will (the groom) and I went and got ourselves some fancy shaves. Naturally, my GoPro was running. Enjoy!

Shave and a Haircut


Everything is better in gif format!


Be sure to check out the rest of the highlights from the trip in this gallery!

Gullible Heads Home

When last we left our hero he was on a train heading towards Jülich.

The train ride to Jülich was more or less without incident, until I got off the train, anyway. It amazes me that I hadn’t had any real issues carrying my pack throughout Europe up until this point, but as I was getting off the train and making my way towards the street to meet Micha I stepped into a rail embedded in the ground (you know how when a train track goes through a street and the rail is flush with the pavement but there’s that little gap?) and rolled my ankle in the gap and went straight, and hard, down onto my knees before falling to my side. I was like a 6 foot turtle and couldn’t get up. It didn’t really hurt my body so much as my pride. Thankfully there was a very helpful and concerned man behind me to helped me up. It wasn’t until Micha appeared and we went to is apartment to offload my packs that I started to realize I may have actually hurt my knee. After resting for about 15 minutes and getting up again I couldn’t bend it especially far. Thankfully it loosened up over the few days I was there, and nothing permanent seems to have happened.

Gullible Goes Home

There’s still one more leg of the journey that needs to be written, but in the meantime I’ve finally got all the pictures sorted and on Flickr for public consumption. Without further ado, I present: Gullible’s Travels

Gullible goes to Bavaria

What’s this? A timely update? Nooooo. Maybe.

Right now I’m on a train from Starnberg to Jülich, a town near Cologne where a friend of mine lives. And, as promised, I shall now recall my days in Munich.

Though the train from Berlin was slightly delayed, by only one hour, it was much more pleasant than getting to Berlin. The train was comfortable, quiet, smooth, and without incident. I arrived in Starnberg, a little late, and was greeted by excited cousin Ariane. She’s the third of three Ariana’s, the first being my great aunt Ariane, and the second being my mother. It seems like a popular name. It was a bit late so she took me home, picked up one of her twin boys, Valentine, and we drank beer and ate the most amazing klops I’ve ever had. It may seem like all meat and bread, but I do love Bavarian food. I really had no plan for Munich and Bavaria other than meeting and visiting my relatives, so Ariane made me a small list of possible things to see and do in the city the next day. After much visiting I retired for the night in what may only have been a couch, but was easily the most comfortable bed I’ve slept in since London.

Gullible gets around

Greetings from rainy Munich! Starnberg, actually. There’s quite a lot of ground to cover with this update, I’ve been through quite a number of places since Scotland!

Lets start chronologically. And a fair warning, this is going to be very long. But that’s when happens when I don’t update for a while.

When last I left off, I was on a train heading to New Castle to take an overnight ferry to Amsterdam. Well, I did indeed take an overnight ferry to Amsterdam! And I must say, it was the most disappointing part of my trip thus far. Something had to be. The ferry is marketed as a luxury cruise ferry. I won’t really dispute that, and I think I would have really had a great time in the boat if I was there with a friend. It’s not really even the ferries fault, really. There just wasn’t any mingling going on. Everyone on board had come with a larger group of people, and no one was really interesting in socializing outside their group. So unless I wanted to drink by myself in one of the three bars on board (one of which I actually thought was alright) or gamble in the inboard casino (which was just blackjack, roulette, and slots) I was basically left to drink scotch by myself (and I did have some fantastic scotch with me) and go see Iron Man 3 in the inboard cinema (which wasn’t actually very good. Granted I missed the first 30 minutes. I was drinking scotch.) I did have a good laugh with the DJ in the “club”, who was delighted to play some Rush for me, but otherwise I think I could have found a less expensive way to Amsterdam and been just as happy.

Gullible goes to Scotland

That is to say, Gullible went to Scotland.

I’ve just sat down on the train to Newcastle from Edinburgh. From there I’ll be taking an overnight ferry to my next stop: Amsterdam. I’m in a first class coach for the next hour and a half.

Cork will easily go down as the most relaxing leg of my journey, I think. Beautiful countryside, and none of the city bustle that goes along with staying in a major centre like Glasgow. Vanessa was a most kind and gracious host and really went out of her way to make me feel at home. I’ve got some fantastic photos of Ireland that have thus far made their way to Facebook, but my connections have been a bit spotty and uploading is a bit slow going. One I’ve got a good strong uplink I’ll be posting all of my photos to Flickr and embedding them here for all to see.

Gullible Goes to Ireland

Greetings from green Ireland!
The ferry ride dot Dublin was without incident, which I suppose (while not making for interesting stories) is the best you could ask for. The ship was actually quite large, even including a movie theatre! I didn’t opt to see Iron Man 3 while aboard, but I did enjoy a pint of Guinness from the on board bar. A few hours an half of Trainspotting later, we were in Dublin!

I had originally thought to walk from the port to my hostel, but after checking the maps and distances again I decided against the idea. I then decided to take a bus, but unfortunately could not make any change until just after it pulled away. Aright, plan C, taxi. Obviously not my first choice, especially for saving money, but I’m flexible. It turned out to not be that bad, cost less than €15 and my driver was very nice and pointed out a good number of things to see during my stay. It was also a bit lucky because finding the hostel was actually a bit trickier than expected. But we got it sorted and I made it to the hostel. I checked in and got settled (top bunk on the too floor) and went out for a walk through downtown Dublin in search of a SIM card. I was able to track down a Tesco and picked up a SIM with €10 credit that would double to €20 once activated, and popped it into my older 3GS. It was interesting to go back to using my old phone, but I’m glad I brought it. There was wifi in the hostel but I wasn’t able to get much reception from my bunk. After my walk I turned in, a full day of travelling by rail and water takes a lot out of you.

Gullible’s Log

Well, I’ve always wanted to say this but I never actually thought I would. I’m about to board a ferry to Ireland. Well, in two hours anyway.

But that’s getting a bit far ahead, isn’t it!
I landed in London on the 29th after an amazing stay in Kingston with Tony. My hosts in London, Anorra and JB, were unfortunately not able to actually be in London while I was there due to visa complications. But their lovely friend Mathilde is taking care if their flat and was a lovely host and guide.

After landing in London, and experiencing the trains and tube for the first time, Mathilde met me at Victoria station. Obviously being from Saskatoon I’m not exactly used to busy subway systems, but what little time I’ve spent in Toronto and Montreal, and to a lesser extent Vancouver, gave me at least a tiny bit of preparation. By the end of my stay though I think I had it pretty figured out.

Mathilde guided me ‘home’ and proceeded to take me out around London to help tire me out and combat the impending jet lag. We say Westminster Abby, the London eye, Buckingham Palace, and I’m sure a few other landmarks I can’t recall but the are pictures of, jut to get the “touristy” things out of the way early.

To be honest London went by much much faster than I actually expected, though everyone and my mother warned me that it would happen. I spent the next few days essentially wondering around London, getting lost, getting found, and generally seeing all that I cared to see. It’s hard to meet people in a place like London when you’re only there for a few days, Mathilde managed to introduce me to a few people before I left.

The sheer size of the city was something I could not be prepared for. Toronto and Vancouver are big, but they feel like Saskatoon compared to London. I’m very pleased with myself, though. Navigating London on my own and never getting so lost I was actually in danger of not being found. It’s a great boost of confidence, to know that I can go to such an intimidating place and be alright.

We’re starting to board the ferry so I’d best wrap up. This morning I took the train from London to Holyhead and will fery the rest of he way. I’ll be spending two nights in Dublin before I make my way to Cork.

I’ve got many stories already of London and will do my best to recall and share a few of them soon. I’ve quite a few pictures already as well and will be compiling a public album which I will try to update as Internet allows.

Until my next update, later days.

Victoria, Victoria

Well, today was our day in Victoria. I’d say it was a pretty good day. We started off having a quick bit of breakfast in the morning, mostly just some toast and juice. I like toast and juice. And raspberry jam. I had apple jelly though, haha. The first thing we did as part of the actual day after breakfast was to go visit Aunty Bea. Well, my great great aunt I think, mom’s great aunt… Something like that. She’s 103 years old this year, oldest person on my family I think. I don’t think I’ve actually seen her since I was but a wee tike, so it was pretty cool to see her now. I can’t honestly believe how well she looks, for 103. You look around at most elderly people these days and about 90% of them are completely senile. Not Bea, she’s completely with it. She may not be as able bodied as she used to, but if she isn’t doing well for her age I don’t know who is. It some ways I’d never want to live to be that old, but there’s lots of ways I’d really like to. Can you imagine all she’s seen since 1906? Talk about someone who’ll know their history. I can’t even think of what it would have been like to experience every major event of the century first hand. It blows my mind.

After our visit with Aunty Bea, Dode dropped us off in downtown Victoria, near the parliament building. The first thing we did was walk to the Royal Museum, they’ve got a big showing right now with a tonne of stuff from the British Museum. We took a look at some of the more modern exhibits first, though, which I found pretty boring to be quite honest. I’m not really into modern stuff, the Industrial Revolution is where I start to glaze over. But then we went down a floor and checked out the Treasures exhibit, where they had all the stuff from the British Museum. That is what I’m interested in. They had stuff from every part of the world, Africa, the Middle East, Europe, Asia, Oceania, North America. Everywhere. All the really good stuff too. Perhaps the coolest thing is what I looked at right away, a full sized cast of the Rosetta Stone. I’d never seen it in person before (I guess I still haven’t, but this is pretty close), only in pictures, and I didn’t think it was that big. It’s amazingly large. I was pretty taken away. I’ve always kinda liked museums, but I’ve never actually felt so close to a piece of history. There was a lot of other cool stuff on display too, a mummy, sarcophagus, typical ancient Egypt stuff. It was all pretty rad too. The other rooms of the exhibit had their own bits of flair; some cool stuff from Mesopotamia, some ancient Islamic artifacts, Greek and Roman statues and bronze work, some neat stuff from China and Japan, artifacts from Oceanic civilizations. That’s about where it started falling apart though. Once it got to the North American stuff it didn’t really hold up too well. There was even some things from the “modern” era, which was essentially a chair made out of assault rifles, and some high heeled boots with gemstones on them to look like Chucks.

We checked out the gift shops a bit, but that was about it for the museum by then. We went past the Empress Hotel to take a look at it. We originally wanted to go there for tea, but we found out before we left that it’s ridiculously expensive, so I took some pictures instead. Oh, that reminds me. We weren’t aloud to take any pictures of the British Museum stuff. At all. Not just no flash photography like the rest of the museum, absolutely NO photography. LAME.

But anyways, we walked past the Empress down Government St (I think), and made our way to Murchie’s tea shop. Jen said it was an awesome place to get great tea from, so I wanted to check it out. I got three teas there today, some of their Earl Grey, some Darjeeling tea, and some Ceylon tea. The Darjeeling and Ceylon teas have specific names, but I can’t really remember them right now, and want to leave that as a surprise for my fellow tea drinkers anyway; hopefully you’ll share a pot with me. We also had lunch at Murchies, they have a cafe in their shop just next to the tea store. It was really really good. We both had panini sandwiches, which were absolutely fantastic. I’ve had panini’s in Saskatoon before. These were nothing like them. I don’t know if I can really go back to the Saskatoon ones now. We also had some cheese cake for dessert.
After lunch we walked back down the street toward the wharf, and stopped in at a hemp shop. It kinda threw me off when mom suggested we go in, I thought I would be the one to suggest it. But we went in, and I looked at some really nice hemp bunnyhugs and shirts, and mom checked out some earings. I ended up not getting anything, but she ended up chatting pretty good with the folks working there, and picking out some nice earings. From there we went a bit farther down the sgtreet and went into an Irish import store. There, I did buy a bunnyhug. A really awesomely nice green Guinness bunnyhug (don’t act surprised). I really like it a lot. (Typing this paragraph, I just noticed that Firefox wants me to spell check bunnyhug to hoodie. Not happening) When we finally made out way down to the wharf, I was starting to get a little tired of walking around. We sat down for a bit and watched one of those live statue performer things. That was pretty neat, I think. He was pretty good. Didn’t get a photo, though, too many people getting in the way. We made out way around the docks and back to the parliament building, where we sat down and waited for mom’s cousin Christy to come pick us up. Before we sat down we got some fresh juice from a street vendor. Nothing beats fresh squeezed orange juice, with a splash of lime juice, on a sunny day. I spent the rest of the time we were waiting snapping pictures of everything around us. My inner shutter bug was having a field day 😛

Once Christy picked us up and brought us back to Dode’s, the rest of the family from the area started congrigating at her place. And let me tell you, these ladies were having a great time just hanging out and catching up. And hilarity ensued. So many stories, so many hands pinching my cheaks…. Haha, well not really. We took a swing down to the liquor store though; mom, Beth and I, to see if we could get some Dude Beer. No such luck, the closest place on the Island is in Nanaimo, so we won’t be making it up there. I’m going to try again in Kamloops. But I did grab a new beer to try. It’s an Irish Ale, called Red something. The bottles are in the kitchen right now and I’m laying in bed typing this, so I won’t check now. But let me tell you, it’s fantastic. I’m going to pick up a couple more sixers of it tomorrow before we leave so I can share it when I get home.

Back at Dode’s, festivities were in full swing. And by that, I mean dinner cooking. It’s one of those times where almost everyone is in the kitchen, hanging out, and helping with dinner. I loved it. I haven’t had corn on the cob since I got braces in grade 8, but tonight made me miss it. And to add to it, I think everyone was buzzed. Even Dode and Peg, and they’re in their 70’s (I think anyway. I remember being told they’re the same age as Oma.) What a great time. Eating dinner was even more fun. Corn on the cob, and beef dip sandwiches. I can’t imagine anything much messier. What a riot that was. After supper we all sat in the living room, just visiting. I’d say there were at least 5 conversations going on at any given time. What fun, I really enjoyed talking about so much to everyone. Stories from when they were kids, when I was a kid, how things are changing, how they’re staying the same, what they’ve all been up to. All sorts of different things. Smiles and laughter, all the way through.

Eventually things started dieing down, and everyone started to disperse. Lots of goodbyes, lots of hugs. I swear, it was like in a movie, where the family all gets together once a year and are completely over joyed to see eachother. I didn’t think it really happened like that in real life, exactly like in a movie. But it does, I’ve seen it.

I think I’m cutting this short right now, mostly because I’m really really tired, and have been typing for about 30 minutes now. I actually climbed into bed early because I was tired. I’ll try and expand on this more tomorrow, but for now I’m going to get some sleep. We’re leaving tomorrow morning and heading to Kamloops, and to Calgary from there, so I don’t want to have a hard time getting up in the morning. Also, the neighbours wi-fi is being a pain right now, and I want to make sure I can publish this tonight. So that’s all for now, I’m sure I’ll remember a couple more things to add in tomorrow. Tah tah for now, and wish me luck on the way home!

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