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Hello again! Well, last weekend was Father’s Day, just like every year, and like most years my dad and I went to the Leoville ATV rally. And, like most years, it was loads of fun. We headed up Friday afternoon with the Wolverine and my dad’s new machine, the Rhino (A side-by-each type machine that’ll pretty much drive through anything). We camped out in the yard of probably one of the nicest guys around, Arnie (No idea his last name), and that evening Casey proceeded to become a champion at beersbee.

On Saturday we went for a really nice ride, great weather, great trails. Not anything overly notable or troublesome except that at one small mud hole, only about a foot long but taking up the width of the trail, I was going a bit too fast and the winch on my machine dug into the far side and while the machine stopped, I didn’t. Ended up bashing my thy really really hard into my handlebar grip, and now I’ve got a bruise the size of a 40 calibre paint ball. That and the Wolverine decided it didn’t want to run at all when it’s wet. Oh, and the Rhino kinda caught on fire. Just some dry grass wrapped around the axle, but flamage did occur.

Sunday, on the other hand, wasn’t so nice. From the start of the day it was raining and cold. We should have known that nothing good could come from that. First thing that happened was that the Wolverine still wasn’t running right, and to top it off the brakes weren’t working very well either, so I decided to ride in the Rhino with dad (which itself ended up being alot of fun). But the Rhino didn’t want to play nice either, trying to head out on the grid road the rev limiter kept kicking in and we couldn’t go faster than 40Kph. But that eventually worked its way out.

After that everything seemed like smooth sailing. Though it was raining just right that you couldn’t see anything with your goggles on. So off go the goggles! Jace managed to get his Rhino right stuck in one of the first mud holes and incapacitate it as well (Temporarily though) And it was quite a while longer before anything else unwelcome happen. Near the end of the rally our radiator was so packed with mud that we were constantly overheating on the open roads. Shortly after that our muffler fell off. Hooray! Worse yet, on one of the last small mud holes, the spark plug wire on Jimmy’s Grizzly broke off, so we got him hooked up to be towed behind John’s brand new Rzr. Shortly after that, however, the transmission in the Rzr kinda…Well, blew up. And to top it off, heading back to town at the end of the rally, 10Km too us over an hour to do because we were overheating so badly. What a day!

That’s pretty much the weekend. As for other things, I’ve been invited to go on the road trip to Radium BC, which I’m really looking forward to. We’ll be heading up next Wednesday, and coming back on the 30th (I think), which means I’ll still be good to go to the Transformers premier on the 4th! Hooray!

Anyways, that about wraps it up for now. We went and say Mr. Brooks tonight, which was really good, and I’ll talk about later. Until next time, [Insert clever statement here]