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Hurrah for being in Tisdale! Well not really. But anyway.

I came up to Tisdale last Saturday to help Jeff move. Three hours drives are fun. Moving was ok though, except for the big couch. That sucked. But other than that, ’twas fun. Check out the video tour of his new pad down below! Aren’t I great at videoing? That’s what I thought.

In related stories, a house randomly fell down in Tisdale. Notice the sign that has been put on the rubble in the photo above. Check out my Flickr album for a larger shot of the whole thing. Aren’t camera’s fun? (I need to get me one someday. Someday when I’m making monies.) Anyway, that’s about it for now. I’ll be heading back to Saskatoon tomorrow, and Matt tells me there is to be BBQ at his place on Saturday. Hurrah for Matt! Anyways…Hmm, I need to find some sort of little catch phrase to say at the end of these things. Send suggestions!